Foodie heaven

One of the most brilliant marketing moves I’ve seen in a long time comes from a great love of mine – the Food Network. And I’ll admit, I’m a bit biased. Because I’ve long said – and meant – that I would pay my cable bill if the Food Network was the only channel I got. I DVR shows and don’t even fast forward through commercials half the time because they are usually about food. So I was watching said commercials one Saturday while writing a paper and heard something about “cruise” and “Anne Burrell” – who is one of my new favorite chefs. I perked up and saw this URL:

(Mini marketing lesson one – yes, commercials still do work. Mini lesson two: make your URL easy to remember and type.)

Of course they are touting the Food and Wine show in South Beach (on my bucket list), but I also saw more information about this cruise – it features lessons and cooking demos with Anne Burrell, and includes a few fun, must see European cities as well as a transatlantic crossing. The overview page has a basic layout with reasons why I should go, information about the cruise and an overall price. The navigation is simple and includes more detailed spots about the ship, pricing details and an itinerary, as well as packing tips and information for first time cruisers. Overall, very easy to navigate and answers all your first questions quickly and easily.

As an overall strategy, this is just…brilliant. Not only does it allow you to experience food in a variety of places, but it allows you to really take a “cooking vacation” and have an experience unlike anything else offered out there right now. Food Network did two things right – they tapped into the existing travel market and they are offering a unique experience. Will they get a ton of people to book? The Food and Wine show package is already sold out – I’ll be interested to see how long it takes for the cruise to do the same.


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