Customers don’t care if you have social media

It’s true. They don’t. What they do care about is getting the information they want, when they want, how they want. Social media is just a tool. Customers might want you to tweet/post good deals and relevant information (menus, specials, contests, etc.), but may have no desire to start a dialogue just because. They don’t really want your attempts at ‘connecting’ to ‘clutter up’ their stream/feed.

Or do they? Maybe they like seeing that there’s a real person behind a company – knowing that when they tweet a complaint or try to connect that they’ll get a prompt response from a human being not following an arcane script. Maybe they love it that you swing by just to say hello.

As a business, how do you know what your customers want? Simple. ASK. You might think you’ll look stupid, but really, people are happy to tell you what they want. I remember when a local-based, large grocery chain started tweeting, they came right out and said, “Hey we’re new to Twitter – what do you want to see from us?” At first I cringed a little – because I thought “Wait, they don’t know what they’re doing?” Then I realized – none of us do. How I use social media as a person is inherently different from how a big business might use it, which in turn might be far different from a small business would use social media. Even though there’s a real human behind each account, every person using has a different objective or viewpoint. Connect with your customers how they want – not how you think they should want.


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