Well the weather outside is frightful but the deal is so delightful

A “blizzard” predicted to hit on a December Wednesday morning threatened the hubs’ Christmas present – front row tickets for ‘White Christmas’ in Lansing. Being the responsible adult I am, I called and moved to Thursday. So of course, the snow hit Thursday, and we were driving in the thick of it. So much for being responsible. But a 50% off coupon in my inbox to selected Gilmore Collection restaurants made sure we still had a special date.

I’ve wanted to eat at – well, all – of the GC restaurants since we moved to GR. With about 20 restaurants to chose from, we have our pick of food type and ambiance – but no matter where we went, I heard the food and service were great. Mangiamo is an Italian restaurant in an old mansion that we’ve passed a few times and each time I’ve thought “Oh, what a cool-looking place.” Though I’ve been getting daily e-mail specials left and right, we didn’t have a chance to take advantage of them. But on that Wednesday I got an e-mail offering 50% off the food bill at about 10 of their restaurants, and Mangiamo was on the list. We still wanted to do something special and this was a great way to try a new place without a huge investment. So we went.

I’m guessing they were probably expecting a dead night because of the weather, so if this e-mail brought in a few more people, cool. But when we got to the restaurant at 7, it was almost full and didn’t slow down the entire time we were there. A small amount of effort for a huge reward – because now we know their reputation was well deserved. And we’re willing to pay full price for it.


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